Trusted Globally by the World's Leading Cruise Lines and Hotels™

Memorable Scent Experiences Created by Clearly Better Scents™


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Scents build on excitement, keeping guests engaged longer for increased game floor revenues

Clearly Better Scents™   Your Scenting Partner


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Trusted Globally by the World's Leading Cruise Lines and Hotels™

Excitement, stimulating experiences with friends, and the thrill of winning are all enhanced with a stimulating scent from Clearly Better ScentsTM. Clearly Better ScentsTM can work with your casino, family entertainment center, theatre or bowling management to develop an environment that is both pleasant and stimulating.


Eliminate cigarette odors to dramatically increase customer satisfaction ratings.


Use proven scent technology to create a lasting, winning feeling. The fun continues  when your guest makes the emotional connection to entertainment and your Clearly Better ScentTM.  Clearly Better Scents automatically and unobtrusively distributes micro-atomized aroma oils through a wall mounted diffuser or HVAC system.  These aroma oils are designed to promote emotional connection to your entertainment center or casino.


Whole room/area cent machines, candles and personal scent machines sell in all venues of your establishment from gift shops to spas. 


Research shows that scent therapy is measurable, since 75% of our emotions are generated by what we smell.




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