Trusted Globally by the World's Leading Cruise Lines and Hotels™

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Enhance your space with expertly crafted scents.

Pleasant scents and odor neutralization for business

Add memorable scents to your environment with the assistance of your Clearly Better Scents™ scenting experts who will design the ideal HVAC Scenting System. We are trusted around the globe serving leading international cruise lines to enhance their guest experience and eliminate cigarette smoke odors in gaming areas; in national hotels; gaming venues; multi-family properties community spaces and healthcare facilities…and more. Please contact us today.

Explore a variety of aromas to suit your unique needs

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Trusted Globally by the World's Leading Cruise Lines and Hotels™

Scent is the closest sense linked to memory. Clearly Better Scents™ uses the power of scent technology and HVAC Patented Scenting Systems  to help increase brand recognition, soothe patients, please customers and tenants and build repeat business.


Marketing programs built with Clearly Better Scents™ are specifically designed to arouse the desired beneficial feeling and build the memory you want in your space…from an individual office or favorite room to the expanse of a concert hall.

The power of scent for business

Clearly Better Scents™ formulations are in accordance with International Fragrance Association and Research Institute Fragrance Materials.

Our standards

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